Party planning is about finding something different. Something that everyone invited can refer to several years later. How about a Heavy-Metal-Marshmallow Party? Start by baking a large cake. Spread marshmallows on top and decorate as small drum sets. Finish by adding two stick breads on top.

It all starts with the invitation cards. Or rather, the list of all the intended guests. And with many heavy-metal fans, nothing can go wrong. If the invitations are sent online, it is high time to start collecting email addresses. It must be clear that the theme is rock. Upload pictures of Uriah Heep and add some rows from Very eavy 'very umble ..

Remember to combine colors and fonts that lead the mind to head-banging. Start with a template for the invitation card if you feel uncertain and adapt to your wishes.

Make sure no one misses marshmallows. It's important to have your stomach full before Jack Daniel's and the stage divide kick in.

The decor for a successful heavy metal party is A and O. The more electric guitars and posters on Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, the better. Don't forget to tell the DJ what applies. Culture Beat and Black Box do not work at a party with hard rock theme.

One tip is to find a color theme (read black) that follows from the invitations to all marshmallows. When guests see black marshalls, black balloons and Gene Simmons at the door, they know they've come right.

Photobooth has become an obvious part of all parties with ambition. And perfect for those who forgot the cap, shorts and braces at home, but feel like Angus Young. The icing on the cake is black confetti and licorice boats everywhere. And black marshmallows of course.

Are you ready Steve? - "Uh huh" - Andy? - "Yeah" - Mick? - " Okay" Alright fellas, let's gooooooo!

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If it rains on the wedding day, it means luck for the wedding couple. In other parts of the world you stomp on glasses, throw the bouquet or bury a bottle of whiskey. Wedding is planning, happiness and magic. All bridal couples strive for a unique wedding and a long happy married life afterwards. The unique wedding means different things in different cultures, religions and countries. Planning the perfect day for weddings across cultural boundaries is extra complicated.

Is it possible to influence the trip and destiny before the wedding day?

Absolutely. If you do not have an in-house astrologer, there is an app. Just enter all the dates of life and a recommended day for marriage pops out. Although the date would not match your lucky numbers, you can get married when the clock strikes half which inevitably leads to joy in marriage.

Fill your wedding invitation with lucky numbers and upload icons that mean luck. If something has given you luck, it automatically becomes a tour symbol. An invitation card with the evil eye scares away bad vibes and jealousy. Add the symbol of the tree of life and more guests will recognize it. And why not a picture of the place where you met? Did you meet in the queue for the soft ice cream kiosk - Add a soft ice cream to the wedding invitation.

What do all parties earn before the party?

Share your luck and love on the tail sex or bridal shower. The first listening reception took place in the 18th century Holland. In Sparta, the tradition of tail sex was initiated to give the groom a happy future. In the Muslim world you gather the family through "dholki" where you sing, dance and play music. In India there is the "sangeet" spiced with "mehndi" where the groom and her female friends are painted with henna. Variants from different countries can serve as inspiration wherever you get married.

Add inspiration to the wedding invitation.

Rituals that give luck

The word ritual leads the mind to sects and tribes that seem hidden. But a ritual can also be when the wedding couple drinks from the same glass of wine during the Jewish or Orthodox ceremony. Or the Buddhist couple drinking sake in "san-san kudo". If you are married in Polynesia, you can expect to wear a "tei fa fa" - a special kilt for wedding couples. Choose a ritual that suits the surroundings and that all wedding guests will remember.

Flowers give luck

In China they can be embroidered with the wedding costume and in Korea the flowers become an important part of the table setting. Flowers from fruit trees are symbols of fertilization in China, India, Iran and in many European countries. Choose the right flowers with the right color. Red represents luck and wealth and drives away evil spirits. Blue is faithfulness and loyalty. It is no coincidence that the Virgin Mary is often reflected in blue garments. Choose a wedding invitation card with flower motifs.

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Save the date card (or Save the Date) is a relatively new phenomenon. Modern life means that the fight for a place in the calendar is tougher and higher demands are placed on planning. Is saving the date card really necessary? POD gives you the answers.

1. The wedding takes place some distance away

What is a bit away? It depends on who you ask. But weddings that involve travel and overnight stay in hotels require planning. Give guests information in good time, preferably with overnight accommodation options in different price ranges and suggestions on itineraries.

2. More margin for the wedding invitation

When the save date cards are sent, you get some breathing room. However, try to send the wedding invitation at least six weeks before the wedding. It gives guests time for OSA and they get all the details ahead of the big day.

3. Time to get all email addresses.

Did you intend to send your wedding invitation online? If so, you will need the email of the invitees. A tedious task but when it's done you can spend time on the fun planning.

The advantage of sending online is that it is environmentally friendly, cheap and it is easier to keep track of all OSA, special requests and requests.

4. Test a design. Or more.

If you have not decided on the design of the wedding invitation, it is a good place to test on the save the date cards.

5. And then it was the calendar ...

We emphasize the important thing once again - Make sure the guests do not get an excuse to say no. Enter with the wedding in their calendar. Especially important if the wedding takes place on another holiday or part of the year when weddings are common.

6. Separate the bait from the wheat

With a save the date card, with the names of the invitees, there is no doubt about the new fiancee, the date or the children may come.

7. Set expectations

The design of the save the date card sets the expectations for the wedding. A simple card with a casual image sets one type of expectation, while a more formal language choice and type of paper means something else. (If you choose to print the cards).

8. The perfect excuse to show the engagement pictures

And if you didn't take any pictures? Find a romantic background and take some new pictures. Upload to save the date cards and view all. Or send a design to your friends and a more discreet to the older guests.

9. Tell the world that you have found each other

Save the date card confirms what many suspects. Make it public!

10. Afterwards

Sending online means that all email addresses are left. Send funny wedding pictures after the party. Even to those who couldn't come (even though you sent save the date in a very good time).

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INSPIRATION - A spiritual empowerment says the dictionaries. We say a shortcut to designing the perfect invitation card for the kids' party. The key to success is finding the right party. If you are the parent of the child, it has never been easier to get to the perfect children's party. Invitation cards fix POD. Your challenge is to find a suitable theme. All children - boys anyway - like the space. Stars, starships, galaxies and astronauts are safe cards. Bake a cake with starlight and a space rocket on top. Put some wax paper between the candles and the cake and do not let the children eat up the space boys.

If space becomes the theme - the sky is the limit. Pull the curtains and turn on the projector. Let the children immerse themselves in the world of stars and take the opportunity to teach some constellations. Explain why the sun exists and what a lunar eclipse is.

Prepare carefully. Start by telling us about Professor Astrokatt's space rockets. Astro cat takes you on rocket adventure where you meet banana flies and learn the history of space travel. All invited will repeat Houston we have a problem for days. Continue with space toys and rocket candies served on space plates with matching mugs. End with quiz about today's theme and Professor Astrokatt's book. It will be a children's party to remember and make other parents jealous.


Look at suggestions from our designers and start with a template. Choose a paper that suits the occasion. All our papers are ecolabelled with the Swan and FSC certified. Be sure to tell the kids about environmental papers and how important our trees are. Explain in an easy-to-understand way how forests affect the greenhouse effect and what happens to the animals when they get rid of their homes. POD's twig paper is our most natural paper made from recycled paper, bark and twig. Perfect for invitation cards for the kids' party and is good for our environment. Choose an envelope of the same material.

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Are you filling evenly?

Some think it is fun to celebrate 70, others stop counting after 40. But the 30th anniversary should be celebrated!

Whether you want to hold on to the wild 20s or take the plunge fully into the adult world, the party theme is for you.

POD gives you tips for the birthday invitation.

Invite all or some?

Is the living room and garden enough? What happens if it rains? Is it better to hire a local? The place goes hand in hand with the ambition of the party. The centenary of the century or a more intimate event? The really difficult one starts with the guest list. Once you've started writing down all the names, it's hard to stop.

Determine a theme.

You only fill 30 once. Don't forget to specify the theme on the invitation card. Any suggestions:

From a period of time

70s. Wide pants. Disco. Green unbuttoned shirt. Don't forget to tell the DJ what applies.

If Britney Spears doesn't work, forget about the 21st century and invest in Atomic Swing a few years earlier. The key to success is harmony. All the details of the birthday party should match the theme.

A favorite movie

But don't choose Chungking Express. Choose a movie that everyone knows. Pulp Fiction and The Matrix are usually safe cards. Saturday Night Fever can't go wrong and music comes for free.

A place

Kingston inspires one look, Jokkmokk to another. Cuba may be the perfect excuse to play Reggaeton all night long. Platema theme is a great trick to get an outlet for your imagination.

Okay, the date, location and theme is clear. But isn't the point of filling in all the gifts you could wish for? The best gift is a party to remember, but some tough packages would be fun:

- A really luxurious passport case. Enter some dream destinations if the wish list goes to your partner.

- New phase in life. New scents. Take the opportunity to wish for an extra expensive perfume. Spray on before the party is over.

- On the invitation to the birthday you can discreetly mention some interests. And that the golf clubs are old.

- A painting by a favorite artist. Posters are for those under 30.

The most important last - Make sure everyone comes

The invitation to the birthday should guarantee that no one will refuse. Save the date card also works for birthday parties. Send out well in advance while people's agendas are empty. Send the invitation card online or on paper.

Online is optimal for the environment, but printing on environmentally certified paper is not far behind. Think through design, word choices and fonts. The details make the invitation.

Don't forget to include

- The name of the person you invite

- Location, day and time

- What the invitation means

- Who's inviting

- Upholstery

- OSA details (which is included in the online birthday invitations service)

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