Ideas and inspiration for children's parties.

Children's party invitation with a monster theme

INSPIRATION - A spiritual empowerment says the dictionaries. We say a shortcut to designing the perfect invitation card for the kids' party. The key to success is finding the right party. If you are the parent of the child, it has never been easier to get to the perfect children's party. Invitation cards fix POD. Your challenge is to find a suitable theme. All children - boys anyway - like the space. Stars, starships, galaxies and astronauts are safe cards. Bake a cake with starlight and a space rocket on top. Put some wax paper between the candles and the cake and do not let the children eat up the space boys.

If space becomes the theme - the sky is the limit. Pull the curtains and turn on the projector. Let the children immerse themselves in the world of stars and take the opportunity to teach some constellations. Explain why the sun exists and what a lunar eclipse is.

Prepare carefully. Start by telling us about Professor Astrokatt's space rockets. Astro cat takes you on rocket adventure where you meet banana flies and learn the history of space travel. All invited will repeat Houston we have a problem for days. Continue with space toys and rocket candies served on space plates with matching mugs. End with quiz about today's theme and Professor Astrokatt's book. It will be a children's party to remember and make other parents jealous.


Look at suggestions from our designers and start with a template. Choose a paper that suits the occasion. All our papers are ecolabelled with the Swan and FSC certified. Be sure to tell the kids about environmental papers and how important our trees are. Explain in an easy-to-understand way how forests affect the greenhouse effect and what happens to the animals when they get rid of their homes. POD's twig paper is our most natural paper made from recycled paper, bark and twig. Perfect for invitation cards for the kids' party and is good for our environment. Choose an envelope of the same material.

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