The invitation is always the first step. That's where it all starts - A great online party invitation creates expectations. POD has templates for every setting and style, from the intimate family dinner to the 300-guest wedding.

There is always an excuse to get people together, just ask and we'll give you one. The whole idea of inviting online is that it can be done so spontaneously. Wake up on Sunday and invite to a boozy brunch or just create and send invitations on the bus returning from work. Try it, and you're hooked.

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Save the Date

Share your celebration with beautiful wedding invitations and suites from POD Paperless. Browse thousands of designs and customize your favorite one to reflect your personal style. Our Save the Dates are available for printing and online sending. All designs have a corresponding invitation and thank you-card.

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The wedding venue

Wedding packs make it easier

Once you’ve settled on a spouse - which itself could be a long or a short journey - the next decision is how to arrange the party and whom to invite. In some parts of the world, it's all taken care of by parents and relatives. But in most cases you're looking forward to a very time-consuming excercise. Let’s start from the beginning. Make a great first impression with online Save the Dates. The design will give a clue on what to expect. But most important, the guest will reserve the date (yes, that's where the name came from). We offer everything you need. To free time for the party planning, just choose a matching wedding set and fill in who, where, what. RSVP-management included. Nothing can go wrong.

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Honk for Adam

Kids' birthday parties

Is anything really ever effortless with kids and their birtdays? Some kids will be happy just to have some friends around. And no parents. Some want you to go all the way with a space theme and everyone disguised as their favorite superheroe. Pulling off a kids' birthday party might not be as easy as you thought but we'll give you some useful help on the way. Start with the right expectations and an upbeat attitude and half of the work is done. Let us do the other half providing everything to create the perfect kids' party invitation and some inspiration on how to do the rest. Or do you prefer to skip it all? Organize a drive-by birthday party. Put the kid at the door and have his friends come by singing Happy Birthday.

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A milestone

Your passport says 30+. Your mind says 25. And you don't want to remember the truth. Solidly situated between 22 and 45, your birthday (age unknown) is an important milestone. Time to invite all those friends that you haven't had time to see for years. Show them that you're not as old as they are. Start with the invitation and the design will set the right expectations. Upload some fun images and create a birthday invitation that no one can refuse. Go glam by booking the coolest hotel in town and make sure the DJ is younger than you are. Should be fun.

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