Invest time in designing a letterhead that fits into your branding concept. Start with a letterhead template and edit as you go along. Or if you’ve already done the design in house, we’re more than happy to print the uploaded files. It’s quick and simple to customize a letterhead with advanced but easy-to-use design tools.

Our letterhead templates are professionally-designed and the’re easily personalized with various color schemes, typefaces and design styles to match your business. Upload any logo and choose a fitting paper stock. All paper is eco-friendly and FSC-certified. Once it’s all set, we’re sure your brand gets noticed the way it deserves to be!

Inspiration Letterheads

Your brand communicates who you are. A customized letterhead is part of your brand and gives an important first impression to the readers.

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Elegant letterhead with matching stationary

Letterheads part of your brand

The custom letterhead must look professional and should match your other stationary. It tells people you are trustworthy and capable, and it creates a consistent brand. Not just any letterhead will do. The design is the key to attention in any corporate correspondence.

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White design letterhead on green background

Letterhead design tools

You don’t have to be a pro to create pro letterheads. Become a top designer for a day with our advanced but easy-to-use design tool. Start with a letterhead template and edit as you like. No need to pay for graphic production when you can do it yourself.

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Detail of sample letterhead

Customize means unique

Personalize letterheads to your own preferences and the look will be as unique as your business. Start with the format, add a color profile, look for a cool typeface, upload a logo and start creating. Make necessary adjustments to your design when needed and retrieve the letterhead anytime for reorder or editing.

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FAQs - Everything you need to know about PrintOn Direct Letterhead

What can I do?

With PrintOnDirect’s plattform, you can design letterhead online. Browse the templates, edit text and upload logos as you go along. Add extras and make the payment thru Klarna. Payment options depend on which country from where the order is made.

Can I create a custom design for my letterhead?

Yes, just follow the step-by-step instructions starting with choosing an empty or premade template. Edit and upload, select paper stock and delivery options. Make the payment and you’re all set. The letterheads will arrive within days.

Do you have different formats?

Yes. As long as it’s A4.

Can I print on the back of my letterhead?

No you can not.

How do I cancel or modify an order?

Letterhead can be modified or canceled given that they are not printed. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

How do I create matching stationary?

Some letterhead has a defined set of matching stationary. Start with the letterhead and matching products will be shown in the order process. If you upload logos or other images, these will be easily available in the design module when creating other products.

Can I upload print-ready letterhead files?

Yes. Please use on of the formats as described under ” Do you have different formats?” Remember to set a “bleed area” of 3mm, ie. the extra space for logos or background that extend beyond the cut edges – this helps prevent having white edges around your finished product. And don’t forget to check the box for cut marks before exporting to a PDF.

How fast do you deliver letterheads?

Express delivery will be sent from the print shop the 3rd working day after the order has been paid. If you choose Standard delivery, the letterheads will be sent the 8th working day after payment. The orders are sent with regular mail.