Why send the Save the Date card?

Save the date card (or Save the Date) is a relatively new phenomenon. Modern life means that the fight for a place in the calendar is tougher and higher demands are placed on planning. Is saving the date card really necessary? POD gives you the answers.

1. The wedding takes place some distance away

What is a bit away? It depends on who you ask. But weddings that involve travel and overnight stay in hotels require planning. Give guests information in good time, preferably with overnight accommodation options in different price ranges and suggestions on itineraries.

2. More margin for the wedding invitation

When the save date cards are sent, you get some breathing room. However, try to send the wedding invitation at least six weeks before the wedding. It gives guests time for OSA and they get all the details ahead of the big day.

3. Time to get all email addresses.

Did you intend to send your wedding invitation online? If so, you will need the email of the invitees. A tedious task but when it's done you can spend time on the fun planning.

The advantage of sending online is that it is environmentally friendly, cheap and it is easier to keep track of all OSA, special requests and requests.

4. Test a design. Or more.

If you have not decided on the design of the wedding invitation, it is a good place to test on the save the date cards.

5. And then it was the calendar ...

We emphasize the important thing once again - Make sure the guests do not get an excuse to say no. Enter with the wedding in their calendar. Especially important if the wedding takes place on another holiday or part of the year when weddings are common.

6. Separate the bait from the wheat

With a save the date card, with the names of the invitees, there is no doubt about the new fiancee, the date or the children may come.

7. Set expectations

The design of the save the date card sets the expectations for the wedding. A simple card with a casual image sets one type of expectation, while a more formal language choice and type of paper means something else. (If you choose to print the cards).

8. The perfect excuse to show the engagement pictures

And if you didn't take any pictures? Find a romantic background and take some new pictures. Upload to save the date cards and view all. Or send a design to your friends and a more discreet to the older guests.

9. Tell the world that you have found each other

Save the date card confirms what many suspects. Make it public!

10. Afterwards

Sending online means that all email addresses are left. Send funny wedding pictures after the party. Even to those who couldn't come (even though you sent save the date in a very good time).

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Green leaf-inspired design on save the date card