Wedding invitations that bring luck

Wedding couple in nature. With Russian title.

If it rains on the wedding day, it means luck for the wedding couple. In other parts of the world you stomp on glasses, throw the bouquet or bury a bottle of whiskey. Wedding is planning, happiness and magic. All bridal couples strive for a unique wedding and a long happy married life afterwards. The unique wedding means different things in different cultures, religions and countries. Planning the perfect day for weddings across cultural boundaries is extra complicated.

Is it possible to influence the trip and destiny before the wedding day?

Absolutely. If you do not have an in-house astrologer, there is an app. Just enter all the dates of life and a recommended day for marriage pops out. Although the date would not match your lucky numbers, you can get married when the clock strikes half which inevitably leads to joy in marriage.

Fill your wedding invitation with lucky numbers and upload icons that mean luck. If something has given you luck, it automatically becomes a tour symbol. An invitation card with the evil eye scares away bad vibes and jealousy. Add the symbol of the tree of life and more guests will recognize it. And why not a picture of the place where you met? Did you meet in the queue for the soft ice cream kiosk - Add a soft ice cream to the wedding invitation.

What do all parties earn before the party?

Share your luck and love on the tail sex or bridal shower. The first listening reception took place in the 18th century Holland. In Sparta, the tradition of tail sex was initiated to give the groom a happy future. In the Muslim world you gather the family through "dholki" where you sing, dance and play music. In India there is the "sangeet" spiced with "mehndi" where the groom and her female friends are painted with henna. Variants from different countries can serve as inspiration wherever you get married.

Add inspiration to the wedding invitation.

Rituals that give luck

The word ritual leads the mind to sects and tribes that seem hidden. But a ritual can also be when the wedding couple drinks from the same glass of wine during the Jewish or Orthodox ceremony. Or the Buddhist couple drinking sake in "san-san kudo". If you are married in Polynesia, you can expect to wear a "tei fa fa" - a special kilt for wedding couples. Choose a ritual that suits the surroundings and that all wedding guests will remember.

Flowers give luck

In China they can be embroidered with the wedding costume and in Korea the flowers become an important part of the table setting. Flowers from fruit trees are symbols of fertilization in China, India, Iran and in many European countries. Choose the right flowers with the right color. Red represents luck and wealth and drives away evil spirits. Blue is faithfulness and loyalty. It is no coincidence that the Virgin Mary is often reflected in blue garments. Choose a wedding invitation card with flower motifs.

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