What to consider before ordering invitation cards for the christening party

Baptism is a big day. Friends and family are invited to church and party. The perfect excuse to gather those you never have time to meet but also a day that requires preparation and reflection.Whether baptism is based on tradition or religion, it is good to know the meaning.What does baptism mean?The baptismal ceremony itself is religious and follows a strict order. With baptism one is admitted into the fellowship of the Christian Church. The rite may differ depending on which part of the Christianity the child belongs to. Tradition goes back to Jesus. Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist and commanded his disciples to be baptized.Baptism is a symbol of death (from the old life) and resurrection (to the life with Christ).The child is freed from sin and is protected by God. Infant baptism is combined with giving the child a name. The naming looks different in different religions. Muslims are not baptized but the child must confess his faith through a creed before two witnesses. In Buddhism, there is no baptism, but parents take their newborn children to monasteries to bless them.In Sweden, people usually gather after the church. Whether it will be coffee with a dip or a big party, depends on family and tradition.Why invite to a christening party?Now we will celebrate that the child is baptized. And take the opportunity to do it properly when friends and family are together. Or if you are not religious - that the child has been given a name. The party becomes part of the ceremony and contributes to a day to remember. Just baptism day will be the one you talk about.Who organizes the baptism party?Although many baptisms take place later in life, it is rarely the baptized person who invites them to a party. But it does not have to be the parents who arrange, but the invitation can come from anyone. If you as a guest feel compelled to send an invitation card to the baptismal party, we recommend coordinating with the person who invites you to the baptismal pact to avoid misunderstandings.Planning for the christening party is a must, regardless of whether there are five guests or 150.Start with the venue for the event. Make sure the room is available before proceeding with the preparations. Even if the invitation cards for the baptism have not been sent, the landlord will need to know approximately how many will come. Attach an OSA card to the baptismal invitation to confirm the number of guests. The theme of the party and the number of guests control whether the party can be held in the church premises. If hard rock becomes the theme, perhaps a restaurant or independent venue is better suited. Save on the party bus and try to find a party place next to the church.Do not forget to check if the premises are child - friendly. If the season allows, an outdoor baptism party can solve all problems. Choose a christening invitation that conveys the right mood and creates expectations. If a small number of guests come, the home is usually the easiest choice.Food. Or not.Hire a chef or go shopping for cinnamon bunsThe level of ambition for food at the baptismal party can be set at all levels. The food is adapted to the party theme, number of guests and time of day.If table placement becomes too cumbersome, a buffet can be the solution. The buffet food can be eaten standing up and is a natural environment for mingling. Christening parties tend to include all ages and the drink table should be adapted accordingly. Why not a bonfire for the adults that can easily be turned into an elegant cocktail. And name the drink today.If the event takes place in the afternoon, do not miss the chance to offer an unforgettable christening cake. Check out https://www.dintarta.se/motivtarta/speciella-tillfallen/doptartaDo not get stressed by dress standardsWhen writing attire on the invitation to the baptismal service, keep in mind that most people will go straight from church to the party. If the christening party theme is Heavy Metal, there must be time to go home and change.And what should the baptized wear? Grandma's yellowing christening dress or whatever suits the day. Each family sets its own rules, but keep in mind that it should be practical. If a subsequent christening party contains tapas and sticky sauces, durable clothes can be a good tip. The baptism, and the subsequent feast, will result in a thousand pictures and the child's attire has a certain significance. Bring a set of replacements.Put the mood already on the christening invitation cardPersonalize the room you rented for the after-party. Fill the rooms with balloons, a poster for the child and all the party accessories you can think of. Do not forget the name of the newly baptized on the poster.It is the details that make the party. Mount lighting along the wall and at the buffet. Light windows and doors in a way that creates atmosphere. Flowers bring dead surfaces to life. Take advantage of boring spaces for the bar, changing table and play corner. Decorate with suitable accessories.Long time no see. Many of the guests have not met in years. Install seating areas with accompanying pictures of the newly baptized. Make it easy to leave gifts. A carpet on the floor and a visible sign "Gifts - Thank You - The Name of the Baptist" may suffice.The home has its benefitsThe same decoration tips for a rented room apply if you have the christening party at home. Candles and children are bad combinations. Take the opportunity to put away delicate items and hide food and drink that you want to keep to yourself. Write clearly on the christening invitation that the party takes place at home. If the snow is white, it may be appropriate to have a shoe brush at the entrance.How do you entertain children and parents at the same time?Start by placing colored blocks and crayons on a low table and the first hour is saved. Hire a children's entertainer and the foundation for a relaxed christening party has been laid.Although a selfie box can be boring for frequent party lovers, it is still just as popular. The pictures become a memory for life. A Polaroid camera where you set up photos during the party, goes home with everyone. A professional photographer gives the best end result but is not as fun.Today's main character is given. Like a guest book, guests can write wise words for the baptized person to take with them into the future. Then hide the book to give it as an 18-year-old gift. Along with the Cognac bottle from Uncle.If a professional photographer, and other tips that require time and money, feel over-ambitious, an idea might be to combine the christening party with the first birthday party. It is likely that the same people will be invited to both. But make it clear on the baptismal invitation what is being celebrated. Guests save on a gift and come to the party a little happier.But are gifts really necessary? The child probably thinks that the packaging is as fun as the content itself. If you want to make a big splash, and also be remembered - buy a piece of jewelry. Works for both girl and boy.Clothes are always a good gift. Given that they fit and match with the mother's taste. Gift cards are boring but perhaps the most practical christening gift. Books, toys and a day at an amusement park work if the child is a few years older.In many countries, the host gives small gifts to each guest when he or she leaves. Preferably a detail that brings to mind the baptized and another way to make the day of baptism unforgettable. Polaroid cards from the party or baptism are the simple method. But a children's box, candles or personalized small gifts also work.Do not forget to send thank you cards for the baptism and the party. Feel free to order with a design that matches the christening invitation. The easiest way is to start from a template for all invitation cards for the baptism and any after-party.Baptism is not only a great day at church but can also be the event of the year when combined with a subsequent celebration.

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