Design trends 2021

Color combinations and designs that evoke emotions

In the design world, nothing stands still. Not even in virus times. Through social media, every trend is communicated with the speed of light. And sometimes they disappear before you even have time to say influencer. To keep customers and followers interested, a full-time commitment is required.

We help you along the way and list three interesting design trends today.

1. This year's new design word - Neuomorphism

Forget flat design, now Neuomorphism applies. The look should reflect what we see in reality. The design elements give the feeling that you can touch them. The trend is repeated for invitation cards , Instagram updates, flyers and everything you can think of. It started in the 90's with menu symbols. The floppy disk icon became the Save and Return Arrow Cancel. Fast forward the tape 30 years and translate to 3D but without print. The multidimensional feeling occurs only by looking at the design. The boundary between image and reality is blurred.

But not everyone in the industry is convinced. Reflecting several dimensions in print is complicated and the benefits are debatable. Many designers claim that lifelike buttons and other elements create curiosity and arouse reaction, which is exactly the purpose of design. Over time, we know if the multidimensional look has come to stay.

2. Colors with contrast

What will be the color of 2021? Same show every year. The design world is tying knots on themselves when it comes to choosing this year's color. And how do you find a color that beats last year's fluffy, imaginative Millennial Pink? Not to mention the now cult-declared effect of Flosskuggan.

Trends turn to the wind and subsequent years' winning color rarely resembles its predecessor. As for 2021, we notice a clear lack of pastels. Lush lava, Phantom Blue and Water Tone, are as bright as Millennial Pink was muted. The colors are more vibrant and embrace a bolder contrast. If you want to attract attention, you are absolutely right.

The big difference, of course, is just that - increasing your heart rate. Not like with Millennial Pink which gave a zen-like effect. Follow the trend and do not be afraid to apply a proper color click of the new. No one will pass unaffected. Think harmony disharmoniously. It does not matter if the first impression creates chaos in the sense of order. Put calm, well-composed designs aside for the rest of the year.

PrintonDirect's invitation card templates can be customized with any color combination to fit exactly 2021. Start from any template and add the color code you are looking for.

3. Do not follow the marked path

Anarchy. No, do not throw stones at shop windows. But 2021 breaks all established rules on color composition and those who move on in traditional patterns are guaranteed to fall behind. Rebellion is in time. Whether it is about environmental policy, ordinary policy or color combinations. Follow established norms but do the opposite. How do we break the rules when we create student invitations and summer designs for the 50th anniversary party ? Choose and mix fonts that no one could have imagined. Images and symbols are composed against the laws of nature. The rule book goes in the trash and for those invited, expectations rise for this year's party.

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