Business cards with minimalist design

Symmetrical business cards with minimalist design

With simple design tips it is easy to order business cards that differ from the crowd. Minimalist is the key word. In times of closed societies and unrest, simplicity characterizes our lifestyle. From what we buy, where we travel to what we do.

The graphic world becomes ascetic and it is reflected on the business cards that are ordered. Hang on trend and save on exclusive design and complicated fonts. Simplicity is not the opposite of stylish and trendy - On the contrary!

But why choose a business card with a minimalist look? Each type of design conveys a message. The business card should represent the company's identity and become part of the brand. A simple, clean card communicates order. The recipient gets the impression that there is a thought behind the design and that the sender knows what he / she is doing.

Talk about what needs to be said. No more no less. Customers thus expect a complication-free and direct relationship.

With a simple design, the risk of painting oneself into a corner is reduced, which opens doors for wider and more constructive collaborations.

How to spruce up a simple business card?

Minimalist design is not limited to black and white with Arial as the font, although it is possible to achieve wonders with little.

Experiment with colors

Ok, drive black and white if it's right. But do not be afraid to try purple and orange. Or pink and gray. There is no right or wrong. Once you've got the right business card design together, it usually feels. Present the results to your surroundings. If the design evokes emotions, you are on the right track.

Find the font that fits

Fonts are a science. And an art. The choice of fonts says more than 1000 words. We have tried to satisfy all tastes and if you do not find the right one, tell us. For the most part, we can present the font you are looking for.

The choice is important to follow the theme. And if letters are included in the logo, the text on the business card must be adapted. In the mix of design components, nothing is sacred, but a fingertip feeling may be required to maintain the minimalist look.

The right option to reach all the way

If you want to convey quality within the framework of simplicity, laminated business cards are right. Laminate can be laid on one or two sides and comes in matt or glossy. Rounded corners are a borderline case for minimalism but try. The business cards will always stand out compared to the competitors.

Are you getting ready to test? Choose a blank template if the ideas already exist, or start from a business card template and customize as you wish.

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