Party with heavy metal theme

Party planning is about finding something different. Something that everyone invited can refer to several years later. How about a Heavy-Metal-Marshmallow Party? Start by baking a large cake. Spread marshmallows on top and decorate as small drum sets. Finish by adding two stick breads on top.

It all starts with the invitation cards. Or rather, the list of all the intended guests. And with many heavy-metal fans, nothing can go wrong. If the invitations are sent online, it is high time to start collecting email addresses. It must be clear that the theme is rock. Upload pictures of Uriah Heep and add some rows from Very eavy 'very umble ..

Remember to combine colors and fonts that lead the mind to head-banging. Start with a template for the invitation card if you feel uncertain and adapt to your wishes.

Make sure no one misses marshmallows. It's important to have your stomach full before Jack Daniel's and the stage divide kick in.

The decor for a successful heavy metal party is A and O. The more electric guitars and posters on Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, the better. Don't forget to tell the DJ what applies. Culture Beat and Black Box do not work at a party with hard rock theme.

One tip is to find a color theme (read black) that follows from the invitations to all marshmallows. When guests see black marshalls, black balloons and Gene Simmons at the door, they know they've come right.

Photobooth has become an obvious part of all parties with ambition. And perfect for those who forgot the cap, shorts and braces at home, but feel like Angus Young. The icing on the cake is black confetti and licorice boats everywhere. And black marshmallows of course.

Are you ready Steve? - "Uh huh" - Andy? - "Yeah" - Mick? - "Okay" Alright fellas, let's gooooooo!

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