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Custom design Christmas cards

Positive expectations are mixed with stress and social obligations. Ask a five-year-old and you will probably get a different answer on the meaning of Christmas compared to an older person. Christmas for most people in the western world is shopping, preparing gifts, company dinners and deadlines.

That’s why sending a personalised Christmas card is one of the most appreciated things you can do for a loved one. The best Christmas wishes are the ones least expected. Surprise someone that you haven’t seen for a while in addition to all close friends and family.

Follow the link to a collection of inspirational Christmas card custom templates you can send online or printed on environmentally friendly paper. That’s what Christmas is all about. Family, friends and care.

Christmas is just around the corner—you’ll be preparing gifts and doing planning before you know it. The traditional – straight from the woods - pine tree are de rigueur this time of year.

Christmas greetings should be prepared and sent on time. Upload photos to remind your friends that you still look young or how much your baby has grown.

Santa will arrive. That is if you’ve behaved well off-course. Make sure the chimney is clear and the Christmas decorations are properly placed. Admittedly, Christmas decorations can feel a little old-school but be creative and try to see it as the unlimited design potential it really is.

To help kick-start your inspiration, POD has created 100s of Christmas card templates that can be personalised as you’d like. No need to rush if you send them online but choosing snail-mail means planning well ahead. We’re convinced you’ll find something to fit your Christmas spirits.

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, so to help you get in the mood, we've created Christmas cards to suit all. If you feel extra creative, begin with a blank format and design as you wish. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to create your yearly Christmas greetings, or just need some extra holidays’ happiness, these Christmas card-templates will satisfy your needs!

But Christmas in not all about friends and family.

Christmas is a good opportunity to say thank you to all employees and clients. Look for gifts and create Holiday cards that are special. Your suppliers and clients probably receive hundreds. Make sure you stand out. Adding that little extra can mean the difference between holiday cheer and festive drear. When creating corporate Christmas greetings online, make sure to include the trademark. Some tips on how to become remembered.

1. Add a Christmas sticker or a 90x50mm Christmas tag

Attaching a gift tag to your Christmas present is an appreciated way to impress customers. If you create the tag as a gift voucher, the success is granted.

2. Or forget about the gift and just send the stickers

Design round Christmas stickers with your brand and no client will ever forget you. Include a sales pitch that works for both of you.

Holiday stickers in various shapes and designs

You could even spread your appreciation printing custom Christmas labels with your client’s logo. Christmas is the ideal time of the year for surprises.

3. Design a corporate Christmas card

Xmas greetings are not just for friends and family! Stay connected with everyone who depend on your business. Employees, suppliers, customers and.. Even corporate greetings should be customised to reflect values and vision. Remember that envelopes can be created with a matching design.

4. Thank you cards with Santa

Christmas is the time of the year to say thank you. After all, where would you be without all those colleagues and customers that create value for the company. If you really want to stand out, design regular Christmas cards but add a handwritten note to tell everyone how much you appreciate their contribution.

5. Add a business card to the greetings or upload a Christmas motive onto the card.

Combine the Christmas greeting with your personal details. Start with a business card template and customise. Upload any Christmas greeting or an image of Santa. The cards that are not used can be saved to next year.

Over to POD (who is PrintOnDirect by the way)

We caught one of POD’s freelance Christmas designers in the office.

Tell us a what you’re up to.

This is the fun part of the year. I do a lot of season-related design. Landscapes in the summer, colours in the autumn and winter weddings in January. But Christmas cards are the most appreciated designs. Now when you can send them online, there is no excuse for any generation not to remember your friends by greeting them.

How do you set up a working environment that keeps you inspired?

That’s the advantage of being a freelancer. I can spend creative hours in Starbucks enjoying their Spicy Thai Latte which they only serve around Christmas. However, sometimes you need to interact with likeminded and get hold of graphic content, that’s why you caught me here today.

To what extent are you influenced by co-workers and designers around you?

I believe everyone develop their skills over time. By practising of course, but also by looking at others. However, it is important to learn how to filter the immense amount of information that is out there. I have definitively been influenced by different techniques, software and workflows that are increasingly available compared to when I first started.

Do you spend a lot of time researching and conceptualizing before creating a Christmas card design?

In a creative world, you can lock yourself into a room a full day without getting one single idea. And you can get ten of them when catching the bus. Once the design is in my mind, I have to rush to get it on paper (or iPad). Sometimes it’s too late.

As a freelance artist, do you manage to get any time off?

That’s a matter of definition. Sometimes there is no clear definition of work and time off. I love what I do and do it even when I’m not on a project. The answer is obviously different if you ask me at 4am when I have a deadline four hours later.

How do you choose the graphics to apply?

Christmas is about happiness, family and celebration – which should all be reflected in my templates. I sometimes feel guilty as I seldom include the more religious ingredients when creating. Almost always, I start with the message the card should communicate but it’s difficult to create one design for all. Depending (mainly) on age, Christmas has a different meaning. POD is all about community. No one should leave the site without finding what he/she is looking for.

I’ve been producing Christmas cards since I was a kid. The development has been amazing. Not only my own skills off course – but all the tools available and the quality of the print.

Can you tell us where your inspiration comes from this season?

Due to Covid, it will be the weirdest Christmas since I started. Will people celebrate the Holidays at all? Or will they celebrate in very small groups? This might be the golden opportunity for Christmas cards if people avoid meeting in person.

What advice would you give to other designers during these special times?

In terms of design, my best advice is to imagine the most wonderful Christmas greetings you have ever received. Use that as a benchmark and try to adopt the design to this year. Obviously, with a look that no one has thought of before. Remember that times flies. Of you produce send-online-greetings only, then you have more time for inspiration and design. Otherwise – Time to get started!

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