To keep in mind when building your brand.

What could be more important than a brand that communicates what the company stands for. Everything associated with the company name defines the brand. Even if you do not have the ambition to become Coca Cola or Apple, building the brand identity is important. The brand is communicated daily on business cards, flyers and other printed matter. The strength of a brand is not only important before purchasing decisions but also in the environmental and societal debate.

How to build a brand from scratch?

Brainstorming. Identify all parameters that must be included. Start from yourself. What does it take for you to buy a certain product or go to a restaurant? The year is 2020. Media space is limited. If you build a brand that is too broad, it will drown in the air. Should the brand only be visible on business cards, correspondence cards, advertising cards, etc., or also on buildings, digital media, vehicles and clothing?

Start with the most important thing - the name. Continue the idea process with a proper online search for inspiration. Look at how others built their logo and how it is communicated. Does the brand consist of a text logo? Should text and image be combined? Fonts, images, colors, sizes. The list is long. Bring out a notepad, a sharp pencil and sketch the options. Take the opportunity to scroll through all the business card and letterhead templates for more inspiration. It does not hurt to look at how others have designed their brand.

Test ideas

And preferably to potential customers. In the end, you do not see the forest for all the trees. Suddenly there are several good alternatives and it is difficult to know which one goes on. Have some business cards and correspondence cards printed with different design options and put in front of the customers. Replace quickly if the recipient grimaces or shows stress symptoms.

The preparatory work is important before you start creating. Test again and again before deciding on the optimal brand. That which will represent the company and be seen on all printed matter and profile clothing. Each recipient of a business card becomes a potential customer or contact. Building a strong brand is not done overnight - the more important to do right from the start.

Get inspiration from competitors

Can be easy or difficult. If your business is a restaurant, it's easier. Visit fifty of your favorites and borrow the design that creates emotions. Check out menus, business cards, stationery, envelopes and everything that can be obtained. How is the logo exposed on the employees' clothes? On the cars and across the entrance? Contact the same design agency as your favorite competitor if your budget allows. The simpler and cheaper alternative is to seek inspiration from our templates and create a look yourself with the help of POD's design tools.


Or font, is an important part of the brand and a science in itself. Once you have chosen a font that fits in the brand identity, it is saved under My pages and is easily retrieved when ordering business cards, flyers and other printed matter.


Do not complicate life. Keep the design and brand simple. Do not write the terms in stone. If you notice that the result of the design process is incorrect, change tracks. The right brand will evoke emotion and generate pride. The brands that have survived for decades are often the ones that are uncomplex and clear.

Start making
Symmetrical business cards with minimalist design