Birthday Invitations - Themes and more

Are you filling evenly?Some think it is fun to celebrate 70, others stop counting after 40. But the 30th anniversary should be celebrated!Whether you want to hold on to the wild 20s or take the plunge fully into the adult world, the party theme is for you.POD gives you tips for the birthday invitation.Invite all or some?Is the living room and garden enough? What happens if it rains? Is it better to hire a local? The place goes hand in hand with the ambition of the party. The centenary of the century or a more intimate event? The really difficult one starts with the guest list. Once you've started writing down all the names, it's hard to stop.Determine a theme.You only fill 30 once. Don't forget to specify the theme on the invitation card. Any suggestions:From a period of time70s. Wide pants. Disco. Green unbuttoned shirt. Don't forget to tell the DJ what applies.If Britney Spears doesn't work, forget about the 21st century and invest in Atomic Swing a few years earlier. The key to success is harmony. All the details of the birthday party should match the theme.A favorite movieBut don't choose Chungking Express. Choose a movie that everyone knows. Pulp Fiction and The Matrix are usually safe cards. Saturday Night Fever can't go wrong and music comes for free.A placeKingston inspires one look, Jokkmokk to another. Cuba may be the perfect excuse to play Reggaeton all night long. Platema theme is a great trick to get an outlet for your imagination.Okay, the date, location and theme is clear. But isn't the point of filling in all the gifts you could wish for? The best gift is a party to remember, but some tough packages would be fun:- A really luxurious passport case. Enter some dream destinations if the wish list goes to your partner.- New phase in life. New scents. Take the opportunity to wish for an extra expensive perfume. Spray on before the party is over.- On the invitation to the birthday you can discreetly mention some interests. And that the golf clubs are old.- A painting by a favorite artist. Posters are for those under 30.The most important last - Make sure everyone comesThe invitation to the birthday should guarantee that no one will refuse. Save the date card also works for birthday parties. Send out well in advance while people's agendas are empty. Send the invitation card online or on paper.Online is optimal for the environment, but printing on environmentally certified paper is not far behind. Think through design, word choices and fonts. The details make the invitation.Don't forget to include- The name of the person you invite- Location, day and time- What the invitation means- Who's inviting- Upholstery- OSA details (which is included in the online birthday invitations service)

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