Stand out from the crowd with customised T-shirts choosing different designs and colours. Find what’s right for your business and occasion. Create a T-shirt for the company kick-off or any special event. Personalised t-shirts are staples in the corporate brand.

Begin with the model that best suits your event. Continue with uploading images or logos and edit text. Promote a constant brand image and make sure the design fits into the corporate branding concept. Use the same look and uploads to create other office products and stationary.

Inspiration T-shirt design

PrintOn Direct is the one stop shop for personalised s-shirts. No need to go high street shopping. Just create a unique t-shirt only a few clicks away.

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White tshirt in design setting with other textiles

Inspiration T-shirt design

PrintOn Direct is the one stop shop for personalised s-shirts. No need to go high street shopping. Just create a unique t-shirt a few clicks away.

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White tshirt with intense black pattern

Customised T-Shirts for all occasions

Events, kick-offs, trade fairs or other company activities coming up? Or are you looking for the perfect gift to always keep in store? Bring your creativity to life on personalised T-shirts. Begin with a free t-shirt template and upload as you go along.

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Design your own t-shirt

Would you like to create a t-shirt from scratch? Good, because it’s never been easier! We offer a wide variety of models in different materials and all sizes. Regardless of the model, you can easily add your own look to your t-shirt. There’s truly no limit to what you can do when designing personalised T-shirts.

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Save time. Create custom templates. Just edit details to order. Or press Reorder.

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Control your brand

Make sure to keep your brand consistent with a locked logo and other key settings.

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You get a preview. We do a pre-check. No room for mistakes.

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FAQs - Everything you need to know about POD custom T-shirts

What can I do?

With POD’s plattform, you can design t-shirts online. Browse the t-shirt templates and upload one or many images. Decide the typeface and add text. There are many model- and quality options, just choose and click. We print on any colour.

Can I create a custom design for my t-shirts?

That’s the whole point with our plattform. Look for inspiration in our templates and create a personalised t-shirt. Upload images and use typefaces that fit into your brand concept.

Do you have different models and quality?

Yes. There is a wide range of different options. Just pick and choose.

Can I print on the back of my t-shirt?


How do I cancel or modify an order?

We produce the t-shirt immediatly after payment. And we can’t sell a customised t-shirt to anyone else. So sorry, orders can’t be modified.

How do I create matching products?

Some t-shirt templates have a defined set of matching stationary. Start with the t-shirt and matching products will be presented in the order process. If you upload logos or other images, these will be easily available in the design module when creating other products.

How fast do you deliver t-shirts?

Express delivery will be sent from the print shop the 3rd working day after the order has been paid. If you choose Standard delivery, the t-shirts will be sent the 8th working day after payment. The orders are sent with regular mail.