A parent’s work is tough, we’ll help you out a bit. With ready made kids’ party invitations, at least some time is saved. And you probably have a thousand photos ready to upload. Just add a matching typeface and write the essentials and you’re all set.

No matter what next kids’ celebration is about, we have the templates for you. Afterall, kids’ parties are important. Once the artwork is done, decide to send online or print. And all uploads are saved for any future events including the thank you cards.

Inspiration Kids’ parties

Our kids’ party designs for these exciting events have enough exuberance for your child and the right amount of refinement.

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Kids preparing for kids' party. Disguised as berries.

Which fruit do you prefer

Personalise your kid’s party invitation as you like. Strawberry, avocado or lemon - you choice. Focus on the type of amusements a themed party invitation deserves. Remember it’s a kids party. Stick to their rules and make sure your child approves of the invitation before sending it. Whether you do it online or on paper.

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Detail of kids' party invitation card

It’s all about satisfaction

The kid’s party is really about commemoration. A first careful step towards adulthood. Whether you celebrete bat mitzvah or sweet fifteen, the first step is an online invitation. A carefully selected template - which is easy to customise according to the event - is an important start.

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Girl smoking giving inspiration for birthday cards

If you’re looking for a little inspiration..

..we offer distinctive templates and designs. Kids’s party aficionados will be happy to find invitations to personalise. Whatever your preferences, our wide selection of template should satisfy even the most selective. And in case it doesn’t, start with an empty design, look for inspiration and upload as you go along.

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How does the party invitation look?

View the guest experience from the card design to registry and accommodation links.

FAQs - Everything you need to know about PODs Kids’ party Invitations

How do you order kids’ party invitations?

With POD Paperless, you can create and order invitation cards for Kids’ party online. The easiest way is to start with one of our free templates. You can then upload photos, modify the layout and create the cards as you like. After paying online, the invitations are ready to send. If you choose the print option, the order will be sent directly to your home/office address.

What does Send kids’ party invitations online mean?

Send an invitation online for moments that matter (such as Kids’ party). Do it online is easy, quick and very environmently friendly. Pick up the phone, choose a template, add photos and text. Choose the contacts to invite. Pay. Send. Done.

How do I personalise the kids’ party invitatons and create an order?

Choose a free template or start with an empty format. Upload photos from your phone, or from anywhere, edit text and add all the features you want. Add contacts. Pay with Klarna. (Payment options depending on country.) Send. Enjoy all the RSVP-functions to inform you who is coming and get an overview of all special requests.

If I want to print my kids’ party invitatons, what paper stock is available?

All our paper stock is eco-certified (Svanen or FSC). FSC® certified paper is paper from wood that has been harvested in a responsible manner. Our standard option is Scandia 2000, white or Ivory. Go green with Kraft, 100% natural. Artic Silk is glossy and if you really want to stand out, laminate on one or two sides. You can even choose glossy or matte laminate. Our paper stock is either 200 or 300g/m2. Did we miss anything? Ask, we probably have it.

What formats are available when printing kids’ party invitatons?

Most common: A6. Less common: A5. Most trendy: 150x150mm. Did we mention folded kids’ party cards?

How do I cancel or modify a print order?

Kids’ party invitations can be modified or canceled as long as production has not started. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

How do I create matching designs, e g thank you cards?

Some Kids’ party invitations have a defined set of matching products. Start with the Kids’ party template and more products with matching design will be presented in the order process. If you upload photos, these will be saved in the editor when creating other products.

Can I print the kids’ party invitatons?

Yep. See previous Q&A on this page.

Can I upload print-ready files?

Absolutely. To avoid extra costs, please use one of our standard Kids’ party invitations’ formats (A6, A5 or 150x150mm). Remember to set a “bleed area” of 3mm, ie. the extra space for images, patterns or design elements that extend beyond the cut edges – this helps prevent having white edges around your finished card. And don’t forget to check the box for cut marks before exporting to a PDF.