Announce in style. A customised flyer is a launch invitation. A way of telling the world something is about to happen. Browse flyers and start with a design that connects to your business. Edit and upload to personalise the flyer to your taste.

The opening of a new business is cause for celebration indeed. Set the expectations right with a design that fits into your branding concept and communicate what you stand for. Our flyer templates and design tools let you design your flyer to your liking. Save the design, including logos and images, to apply when creating matching stationary.

Inspiration Flyers

Get guests into the right spirit. The flyer is the first step to a successful product launch and require an appropriate amount of inspiration.

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Two design flyers on brick setting

Launch (a) party with flyers

A product launch is not only good for business, it’s also a perfect excuse to launch a party to connect with your customers. Design an event flyer that makes waves. Look for cool ideas and you’ll discover that there are hundreds of flyer designs to be used to a matching party (Not the other way around).

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Four white flyers with hand drawn famous persons on front

Make a point

Always remember that your customers first reaction will be “What’s in it for me?” Your flyer only has a second to grab the attention. Flyers are the perfect way to get the message out. But prepare carefully - you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

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Flyers de-luxe

If your product launch is about designer handbags, the invitation flyer must match the occasion. Our templates and design tools help you control your brand’s identity. Choose a de-luxe paper stock when launching de-luxe products.

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FAQs - Everything you need to know about PrintOn Direct flyers

What can I do?

With PrintOnDirect’s plattform, you can design flyers online. Browse the templates, edit text and upload logos as you go along. Add extras and make the payment thru Klarna. Payment options depend on which country from where the order is made. Don’t forget to include information on how your customers can find you.

Can I create a custom design for my flyers?

That’s the whole point with our plattform. Look for inspiration in our templates and create a personalised flyer. Upload images and use typefaces that fit into your brand concept. You can also upload print-ready files for your flyers.

Do you have different formats?

Yes. The most common is A6 but A65, A5 and A4 are also available. Print on one or two sides.

Can I print on the back of my flyer?

Absolutely. Just choose Backside in the design editor.

How do I cancel or modify an order?

Flyers can be modified or canceled given that they are not printed. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

How do I create matching stationary?

Some flyer templates have a defined set of matching stationary. Start with the flyer and matching products will be presented in the order process. If you upload logos or other images, these will be easily available in the design module when creating other products.

Can I upload print-ready flyer files?

Yes. Please use on of the formats as described under ” Do you have different formats?” Remember to set a “bleed area” of 3mm, ie. the extra space for logos or background that extend beyond the cut edges – this helps prevent having white edges around your finished product. And don’t forget to check the box for cut marks before exporting to a PDF.

How fast do you deliver flyers?

Express delivery will be sent from the print shop the 3rd working day after the order has been paid. If you choose Standard delivery, the flyers will be sent the 8th working day after payment. The orders are sent with regular mail.